Traditional Sweet Pastry Box

From the rich, dark chocolate and hazelnut filling of our biscotti, to the crispiness of the aragostine (lobster tails as they call them) and then finishing with the delicious apricot jam filling inside our short-crust ‘occhio di bue’, this moreish pastry selection has Italy written all over!

2 x Chocolate-hazelnut biscotti

2 x Chocolate aragostina

2 x Apricot jam ‘occhio di bue’

Milk, walnuts, hazelnuts, wheat, eggs


Chocolate aragostina

Wheat flour, water, eggs, sugar, lard, vegetable margarine, salt, chocolate paste (sugar, walnut 8%, low-fat cocoa powder milk, starch, lactose, lecithin)

Chocolate-hazelnut biscotti

Margarine, lard, eggs, skimmed milk powder, bicarbonate ammonium, chocolate, sugar, cocoa powder, E322, hazelnut

Vegan apricot jam ‘occhio di bue’

Wheat flour, apricot jam, vegetable margarine, sugar