For the purists:

Just sweet ricotta filling in a crunchy shell..

sweet, creamy and delicious!



The traditional recipe:

sweet ricotta and

chocolate chip filling,

garnished with candied orange.




The town of Bronte in Sicily has some of the best pistachios in the world. They are hand-picked, dried in the sun and harvested every two years instead of every year for extra flavour.

We source pistachio directly from here to create this special recipe.


Choc Chip


A modern take on the classic recipe:

sweet ricotta and chocolate chip filling,

garnished with extra chocolate chip...

a decadent chocolaty feast!





We made an exception for this one and took a trip out of Sicily to

source the IGP Piedmont hazelnut, considered by many the best in

the world.




It is impossible to think of Sicily without picturing the beautiful and bright lemons that grow vastly across the island.


(coffee & chocolate)


Sweet ricotta cream and Italian Arabica coffee

garnished with a dark chocolate coffee bean... 




Sicilian Almond


From the town of Avola in Sicily comes the 'Tuono' variety of almonds known for their sweetness and golden colour.

We source almonds from here to create this unique recipe.





Salted Caramel


Our very own 'caramello salato' sweet ricotta is to die for...
The only salted caramel cannoli in town!