Casa Cannoli started from the simple observation that it was difficult to find a good cannoli in London. Having grown up in Sicily and knowing what goes into making this traditional pastry, we were confident that by recreating the authentic experience of eating one, people would fall in love with them.

Dario Dendi- Founder

Dario Dendi


We believe that good ingredients make good food. It’s as simple as that.

Our goal is to serve you the most authentic and delicious cannoli and sweet treats and we achieve that by sourcing the highest quality ingredients from the most attentive, knowledgeable, and experienced suppliers.

Our job is to discover and experiment with new and exciting quality ingredients and to create unique and memorable flavors for you to enjoy.



We care about this planet of ours and so, where possible, we source ingredients locally and we are gradually becoming entirely plastic-free.

We also use electric vehicles and scooters to deliver our product to our loyal customers.

Saving the planet.. one cannoli at a time!



We believe in the power of people.

We have successfully created a friendly and responsible work environment by trusting and respecting each member of our team where everyone is treated equally regardless of their job role. All of our staff members are adequately paid and love coming to work and give their absolute 100%. This is our proudest achievement.


Customer service

We aim to please.

Customer satisfaction is essential to us and for that reason, our customer base is growing rapidly year-on-year.

Your satisfaction is our reward, so if you ever feel the need to give us feedback, we are here eager to listen and improve.